Hello, world! I'm Amy.

こんにちは世界! 私はエイミーです.
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I’m really effing weird.

I’m also a polymath.

What's up with the weird cover photo?
My job requires me to do a ton of image discovery on stock photo sites. It is a weird and frustrating process. This cover image is one example. It came up as a top result in a search for “vegetable”. And, I dunno, it makes me laugh.


I’ve been professionally designing for 19+ years. I’ve been doing it well for about 10+ years. So I’m good at getting better at things.


I’ve been making websites, software, apps, and games since middle school. I’m enthusiastic about ReactJS, Rails, and WordPress projects in particular.


I’m best at creative copy and writing instructions, guides, and explainers. I also write fluently in Spanish and Arabic and enjoy writing essays and reports.

Philosophy + Research

I’m particularly interested in the juncture of ethics, governance, mathematics, physics, and dynamic social and economic systems.

Data Analysis

Right now I’m working on developing tools to help the individual analyze their own data and microdata in ways most useful to themselves (not marketers).


I’ve survived a lot and accomplished even more by thriving in stressful, high-stakes situations.


hours a day


project a week

to fully rebrand an existing business.


The businesswoman reborn

The businesswoman reborn

I shuttered Flannel Studios in 2017 because my life was chaos. It was my 8th failed business and I was convinced that maybe I really wasn't cut out for running my own business. So I spent a year in a bootcamp that was beneath my skill level and interviewed for...

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Find the Next Perfect Square

Find the Next Perfect Square

This post is the first in a series of Codewars challenges, or kata, that I'll be sharing. The goal with these shared kata is to demonstrate how to solve and refactor a unique programming problem for readability and efficiency. Codewars: About...

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FTFY Update: Some Last Minute Juggling

FTFY Update: Some Last Minute Juggling

This past week I haven't posted much even though I've been working really hard. WARL has turned into a bigger project than I anticipated so I wanted to figure out how to juggle that while still getting out one project per week, running my blog, looking for...

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