Fixed That For You (FTFY)

A personal challenge

Okay, what’s FTFY and why should I care?

FTFY is an acronym you’ll find on forums, mailers, Reddit, and message boards around the web. While it usually means “fixed that for you”, sometimes it can express frustration through its alternate meaning, “f*** this, f*** you.”

Obviously, FTFY isn’t usually used in a nice way online. It’s often used sarcastically to disagree with or make fun of someone.

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I decided to co-opt the acronym and put it to better use by fixing user experiences for businesses that I care about.


hours a day


project a week

to fully rebrand an existing business.

There are a lot of places that I like to eat, people I like to work with, and products that I like to use. But when I visit their websites I cringe so hard because the user experience on their site doesn’t reflect how awesome they really are.

Instead of waiting for these people to come to me for help, I’m just gonna roll up my sleeves and do the work and see if they like and/or appreciate it (and maybe want to pay for it).

All of the projects I take on for this will be done for businesses that I frequent and want to help.

Not only is my work a personal challenge for myself, but it’s a personal endorsement and recommendation for you. And to be perfectly honest, I’m hoping this challenge has another outcome.

I’m hoping to show what I’m capable of when I have complete creative freedom and have the space to create consistent messaging.

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