FTFY: Wrapping Up The Gyro Spot

by Sep 1, 2018Fixed That For You, The Gyro Spot

I made a few tweaks to the G-Spot’s new site. I brought the menu down to a single page, adjusted some colors, and fixed the header image’s typography.

What remains to be done

This site isn’t completely ready to go live yet. It still needs some speed and mobile optimization and integration with Zuppler and Google Analytics. It also needs a professional photo shoot so that photos can accompany menu items and increase sales.

Speed optimization + Analytics

A plugin will do a bulk of the work to get the site’s speed down to an acceptable level. A few tweaks to the header and a few adjustments in the theme’s dashboard will have Google Analytics integrated in less than a minute.


A three hour photoshoot of the G-Spot’s flagship items and ingredients with about four hours of batch editing should be enough to get good photos in place.

Reflecting on the process

Right now I just use Softaculous to get WordPress installations up and running, but after this I want to start using Docker so that I can get themes and plugins installed and set up even quicker so that I can focus on configuration and design.

There are a few other places where automating will save me some time so that I can potentially work in a stealthy photo shoot in this kind of timeframe for a more completed project. Stock photos get things done quickly but it doesn’t show what I can do with a camera.

This is my first FTFY project so I’m just excited to have it finished. I’ll be contacting the owner sometime next week to see what he thinks but keeping expectations low. Whatever happens, I’ll definitely post an update here.