FTFY: Branded Product Mockups for The Gyro Spot

by Aug 31, 2018Fixed That For You, The Gyro Spot

This is without a doubt one of my favorite parts of what I do. Branded mockups. I love designing printed collateral. It’s like designing party invites and party favors for a party but the whole world is invited.

Food stuff

The G-Spot uses clamshell boxes for takeout food, along with insulated paper bowls for their soups and spreads. Right now they just use some generic stuff so I thought I’d go ahead and make something a little more customized for them.

Non-food stuff

Business cards, letterhead, and envelopes are pretty standard for restaurants. I also worked on a printed menu and door tags. Then I did some work t-shirts with the new logo and tagline.

Wrapping it up

Tomorrow I’m going to spend a little time tightening some of this stuff up. I’m also going to reflect on this process a little and see what I can improve about the workflow for the next project.

I definitely know I want to tweak the color palette, add some buttons, and get a few more CTAs into the site. I also want to fix up that clamshell box and touch up the design of the tagline to make it look a little more profesh.

I’m really excited by everything I’ve accomplished so far and so glad I’m in the final stretch!