FTFY: Content For The Gyro Spot, Part II

by Aug 30, 2018Fixed That For You, The Gyro Spot

Calls To Action

The current site really clutters up the user’s available choices with multiple calls to action (CTAs). There’s an Order Manchester, Order Dover, and Special Offers button crowded into approximately 400px of space.

I can understand the logic behind it – you want people to know there are multiple locations and have them select which location right away.

What actually ends up happening is that you’re diluting the importance of all of your calls to action. The old adage “if everything is important then nothing is important” rings true with CTAs. Some actions should be more important than others.

Users expect that they’ll need to select a location at some point in the ordering process. So clicking a generic “order now” and then having to select a location doesn’t get in the user’s way.

But a bunch of similar looking buttons will get in their way because it takes an extra few seconds to figure out which of those actions they want to take.

This site really only needs two CTAs: a primary and a secondary. Order now (which imparts a sense of urgency for the user) would be the primary CTA and View Menu or Sign Up would be the secondary CTAs.


Deals pages need to give users a reason to return to that page. The G-Spot really only features one deal on its deals page… which is 20% off your first order. There’s literally no reason to return to the page after your first order.

While this might be great for new users, it’s not exactly enticing for returning users. They no longer have any incentive to return to the page. Plus it misses an opportunity to create more branded content.

A good deals page will include a few different types of deals at different price points that encourage users to return. Here are some of the ideas that I had for deals that would make it worth having a deals page that users would be interested in visiting frequently:

  • $10 Nooner – Any gyro with small soup or salad and a bottled drink for $10 (1pm-3pm only, $2 extra for lamb-beef). ~15% discount
  • $10 Healthy Quickie – Small soup, large salad, and a bottled water for $10 (all day). `20% discount.
  • $20 Cheap Date – Any 2 gyros, 2 bottled drinks, and 1 dessert to share for $20. ~20% discount.
  • $40 Group Thing – Any 4 gyros or rice bowls, 4 bottled drinks, feta fries, and a trio spread for $40. ~20% discount.