FTFY: Content for The Gyro Spot, Part I

by Aug 29, 2018Fixed That For You, The Gyro Spot

Copywriting for tastebuds

Having really good copy written out for every item on a menu increases its odds of being ordered, often by as much as 30%. And as long as the copy doesn’t oversell the item, users will think it tasted better than described after they’ve consumed it. That’s why people keep buying Big Macs even though they are objectively terrible culinary abominations.

The cool thing is that the G-spot isn’t selling awful Big Macs, they’re selling genuinely great tasting gyros. Understating the quality of ingredients on the menu won’t negatively affect returning visitors who have already had a great gyro – but it won’t entice new customers. Plus, returning and new users alike will experience a bump in order volume from tweaking the copy.

I rewrote all of the copy on the menu – and the site – to capture the attention of new customers and improve the experience for existing customers. Taking cues from my own tastebuds and the Phantom Gourmet video, I came up with a writing style that highlighted the deliciousity of the G-Spot’s food and maintained the line between innuendo and raunchy.

I removed any words that might spark an association with dryness or pain. I nixed language like sliced, chopped, shredded, dusted, cut, and diced. These were replaced with words that sparked associations with pleasure and value like stuffed, slathered, drizzled, sprinkled, crammed, soft, grilled, dripping, glistening, fresh, handmade, hand-hewn, shaved, and saucy.

I also avoided language that might conjure associations with disease like oozing, even if these are sometimes used to describe sauce and cheese.

Yelp reviews

The original site has an Instagram feed on the front page, which isn’t the worst idea given how few photos there are on the site. The only problem is that visitors tend to rely more heavily on user-generated reviews and photos to make a decision.

That’s why I added a frontpage section that highlighted three of the many five star reviews that the G-Spot has received on Yelp. At some point I’d like to split test a section like this to see what drives more action for the G-Spot.

But for now, this will drive more action and impart more credibility than an Instagram feed and should rank higher up in the page’s hierarchy.