FTFY: A New WordPress Home For The Gyro Spot

by Aug 28, 2018Fixed That For You, The Gyro Spot

I set up a new WordPress installation on my server and started configuring it. The site discourages indexing by robots and spiders so that the site won’t draw traffic or search results away from The Gyro Spot. You can watch it start to come to life at:


Configuration overview

I installed Divi by ElegantThemes, which is a phenomenal WordPress super theme. It has powerful editing and marketing tools built right in – including Google Analytics integration, A/B split testing, support for email marketing providers, and more. I love using Divi for clients who maintain their own content. I can supply them with a library of custom templates so that they can always follow the branding guidelines and design heuristics I’ve set for them.

I installed the Bloom plugin that’s also made by ElegantThemes. I configured it to prompt the user to sign up for email updates by offering an immediate discount of 20% off their first order. It’s triggered when the user scrolls more than 60% down a page or there’s a 15 second timeout. It only triggers once per session to avoid annoying the user.

I’m not working on content yet but I did set up blank pages and menus for the site. I also used the mockups I worked on yesterday to start customizing the theme settings so that it matched my design. Once I get content started I’ll be able to create layout templates.